Restart no. 3

So I’m trying it again, writing my own blog. Actually, this is my third attempt to write a blog. What was wrong with the other two times?

Well, I have several hobbies. I’m an Android developer, I play the guitar and write songs from time to time and about three years ago I started to do some DIY and to learn woodworking. I always thought I have to write a blog about every single hobby separately. And that was the problem. I wasn’t able to focus on writing about these things in different places because they all have an influence on each other in some way. I started woodworking because I play the guitar and it would be nice to build my own guitar some day. Because I play the guitar and I can write apps, I’m writing a songbook application. When I am in my shop it often helps me to solve some problems in programming. Sometimes while programming I come with a new verse… I hope you get me:)

So this time I want it different. All of me in one place. And we will see, how it goes…:)

One last thing: I’ve decided to write mostly in English. I think it’s better for topics like app developing and DIY, where I would like to have an audience not only from the Czech Republic. But I’m not so sure about poetry topics. And I don’t mean poetry itself, I will write it always in Czech, I love Czech. But sometimes I would like to write a comment, what I mean by what, etc. What do you think?

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