Hammock stand

This was actually my first bigger woodworking project. It was a birthday gift for my wife, who wanted to try sleeping in a hammock. I wanted to buy one in a shop, but they were either cheap ones made of pipes or other ones that were made of wood but expensive. So one week when she had gone to her parents’ house with our son, I told myself: Hey, I can make it! I looked at some DIY stands designs on the internet and chose this one. It looked simple enough and it could be easily disassembled.

It’s all made of framing lumber which I first cut by circular saw to the right lengths and made round corners with a router:

Then I drilled all the holes for bolts with my drill. I haven’t bought a table drill yet, so I’m using an electric drill with a stand:

After that, I could measure the angle between the arms and the bottom and cut off the bottoms. For that, I made a simple template from cardboard:

Ok, it was time to try to assemble it. It looked fine. All parts, holes, and bolts made a good fit, but the arms were a bit too long and made it excessively tall. I had to cut it off:

Finally a little bit of sanding and it was ready. I bought a La Siesta Fruta hammock, it is hanging on snap-links with chains. This way I can simply adjust the height of the hammock:

And that’s it:) My wife was completely astonished (her words). For some time it was in our bedroom, but then I had to disassemble it and move it to the garage due to a reconstruction. It is waiting there for a finishing and then we will place it somewhere in the garden.

I think it was fun for the first project of this type and the stand came out quite well. I didn’t make any big mistake. I think that only one hole for a bold in the bottom spacer was misplaced by 10cm. It was also a good experience with a circular saw, I even found out what a kickback was:)